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Winner: Best New Fiction, American Fiction Award


Finalist: Publishers Weekly BookLife Prize

Finalist: First Novel, Indie Book Awards

"Deeply engrossing . . . a highly satisfying reading experience. . . Shore's prose is nearly transparent--which is extremely high praise. The writing is so stylistically on target that the language itself falls away, allowing the reader to enter into the subtleties of the story completely. . . . Shore's protagonist is authentically funny and rawly sympathetic. . . . This novel stands apart for its originality. It is a testament to the notion that the strongest works are often those with simple storylines, exceptionally told." -- Publisher's Weekly BookLife Prize


Hi! Welcome to my (new) online home!

I am passionate about three things: my wife Catherine, my relationship with a higher power (call it God, The Universe, Big Mama Karma, or whatever: but that), and writing.


I’ve edited and ghostwritten best-selling fiction and nonfiction books, and have co-authored books with some of the top authors in the country. I spent twenty-five years editing and writing for general interest newspapers and magazines; I've created and written widely for nationally recognized blogs and websites.


From 2009 until I shut it down in 2014 in order to write my novel Everywhere She's Not, my personal blog did 300,000 unique views a month. So . . . that means that for about five years there I was writing one of the most-read blogs on the internet.

I funded the publication of Everywhere via what was then the most successful campaign for a debut novel in Kickstarter’s history. I'm grateful every day for the people who made my dream come true through their support of that campaign.


From April 2016 until I concluded the story in November 2017, I wrote, for the Asheville Citizen-Times, Ashes to Asheville, the first real-time serial novel ever published on the website of a major daily newspaper.

Below you'll find my non-fiction book, UNFAIR. Written in 2012, it's about why the assertion that being gay is an offense to God is rationally and morally indefensible. I myself am not gay. But I was a Christian, and wrong is wrong. So I felt I had to write that book, which helped to change the Christian understanding of LGBT people and issues.

When in 2007 I first started writing/blogging about how God is perfectly fine with homosexuality, I was pretty alone in the blogosphere. By 2014 my voice was only one among legions of bloggers and writers advocating for full equality of LGBT people within (and without!) Christianity, so I felt free to return to my first writing love, which has always been fiction.


“The touching, brave, and frequently heartbreaking letters in UNFAIR: Christians and the LGBT Question should be required reading for any Christian who claims that gay people can’t also be Christians—and for LGBT people who feel there’s some conflict between their sexual orientations or gender identities and their faith. John Shore is sharp, he’s funny, and he’s right. To find out why I’ve called him America’s preeminent non-douchey Christian, buy and read this book. And I challenge anyone who believes that the Bible justifies the persecution of their gay and lesbian neighbors—particularly those on the religious right who’ve made lucrative careers for themselves out of bearing false witness against their gay and lesbian neighbors—to read this book’s opening essay, “Taking God at His Word: The Bible and Homosexuality.” Read John with an open mind and he’ll change yours.” — Dan Savage, founder, It Gets Better; host, Savange Lovecast


"John Shore is awesome, and a brilliant writer. The minute I started reading his stuff, I knew he was a brother from another mother."-- Rob Bell, Love Wins.

"John Shore is a gadfly, calling the Christian Church everywhere to act the way it says it believes about love and justice, which of course makes him an uncomfortable presence in those churches that do not like to be forced to face reality. So were the prophets of old. So was Jesus of Nazareth." -- John Shelby Spong

"Amen! A book that gives voice to the thousands of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning people who have been told they must sacrifice their identity to be Christian." — Believe Out Loud

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