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My new novel, "Make 'Em Laugh," now on Kindle Vella

My new novel, Make ‘Em Laugh, is now ready to read right here on Amazon's Kindle Vella. (More on what exactly Kindle Vella is below.)

Make 'Em Laugh is (for lack of a more comprehensive literary category) a Romantic Comedy. It's the sequel to my novel Everywhere She’s Not (though it also stands wholly independent from that novel). It's about . . . well, this:

When Kate, the love of his life, suddenly left San Francisco, David Alan Finch did the natural thing (for him): he became a stand-up comic. Over a year later he's on his first cross-country comedy tour with two other comedians: Maggie, a former fundamentalist Christian who's now a comic sensation, and Lyle, a veteran stand-up whose current acting gig on a hit sitcom has brought him top-tier celebrity. David's shrink encouraged David to keep a journal throughout this tour. This is that journal.

Make ‘Em Laugh is available on Kindle Vella, which Amazon launched just today.

Now, as to what Kindle Vella actually is. Here is an excerpt from Amazon's introduction of it:

Kindle Vella is a new way for readers in the U.S. to enjoy serialized stories, published one short episode at a time. It’s a mobile-first reading experience, now available in the Kindle iOS app and on—perfect for readers who want to read in short sessions on their phones, but also want to feel the connection that you get from reading a story or author regularly for a extended period of time….
The first three episodes of every Kindle Vella story are free for you to explore. After that, you can purchase and redeem Tokens to unlock episodes. [The Tokens cost less than a penny each.] The number of Tokens needed to unlock an episode is determined by the length of the episode. You can choose from several Token bundle options available for purchase in the Kindle iOS app and on, and new customers can claim 200 free tokens to get started . . .

So . . . yeah! That's what it is!

I think it's a great idea--and one that Amazon was bound to do, because serial reading on a phone or tablet is massively popular all around the world, and is increasingly how Americans consume their books, too. A few cool features of Kindle Vella:

  • You can follow the stories you like (meaning you can get notifications when new episodes of the stories you liike are published).

  • You can influence the success of a story. Once you purchase (or claim your free 200) Tokens and redeem them to unlock an episode, you’ll get a “Fave,” which is a crown icon you can then use to cheer on the story you’re enjoying the most that week. Stories that have been rewarded with most Faves will be featured in the Kindle Vella store.

  • You can leave a Thumbs Up for individual episodes, to let the author and other readers know which episodes you liked.

  • At the end of every episode of a story you'll find an “Author's Note,” where the author shares with you their own thoughts, or behind-the-scenes information, on the story or episode. (I thought I wouldn't like writing these, but ended up enjoying them very much.)

So . . . there you have it!

Please write me (via the Contact form at the bottom of my Home page) with any questions, and/or to let me know how you’re doing! I hope this finds you and yours well.

(By the way, I know you can't comment on my new blog here without signing up to the blog. Nothing bad will happen with your email if you do sign up, and it's really easy to do. But "signing up" as a prerequisite to commenting is not something I implemented, or indeed have any choice at all about. It's a "feature" of Wix—the platform on which this blog is built—that no blogger on Wix is allowed to change of disable.)

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