• John Shore

The sequel to "Everywhere She's Not" coming to Amazon's (soon-to-be-launched) Kindle Vella

I had always planned on Everywhere She's Not being the first of a trilogy. So I was really happy when so many readers of Everywhere asked for a sequel to it.

I started plotting out that sequel this past September. I wanted it to be written in the form of a journal being kept by David Alan Finch, the protagonist of Everywhere. In April, I was just beginning to write the book itself (titled Make 'Em Laugh) when Amazon announced to authors its plan to launch Kindle Vella, a whole new platform for readers and writers of serial fiction.

You can get an idea of what Kindle Vella is here. (But it hasn't launched yet, so I think what you'll see there is information intended mainly for authors who might want to write on the platform.) Well, a journal, by its very nature, is serial. And on literally the day I started writing my serial-style novel, Make 'Em Laugh, I learned that Amazon was looking for writers of serial fiction.

So I was, like, "Um. That's me. Yes please."

I like serial fiction. I've written serial fiction. I'm good at it!

Anyway, Amazon has recently announced that Kindle Vella is launching mid-to-late July--so, later this month. Watch this space! Please and thank you.

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